Spring Forward - SEO Time Saving Ideas

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), done properly, is not a once and done task. Continual monitoring and adjustments are needed to maintain the health of your website and ensure that its visibility in search results is maintained.

While you do need to budget time throughout your work week for SEO, there are ways you can streamline the tasks to save time.  Specific tasks can be easily completed on a weekly or monthly basis to keep your SEO engine running smoothly.

Webmaster Tools is Your Friend

If you do not have your site verified in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), this should be the first step you take. Sure, you are tracking traffic through your analytics, but GWT gives you so much more.  With GWT you can:

  • Submit a sitemap and check how many pages have been indexed
  • Check for issues with the DNS or server connectivity
  • Monitor and fix crawl errors such as pages not found on desktop and mobile devices


  • See search queries that lead to clicks to your website
  • Review issues with meta descriptions and page titles

Addressing these items in GWT on a weekly basis should help keep things in check.

Red Alert!

Analytics programs such as Google Analytics and iAPPS Analyzer provide information about what draws visitors to your site and what they are doing once they get to your site. Once you have an understanding of baseline data, you can use these programs to monitor specific activities on your site.  Both programs allow you to set thresholds that trigger an alert. By providing an email address for these alerts, you can keep track of significant changes on your site without needing to log in and check reports.


Keeping it Social!

Not only can Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels drive visitors to your site, but social signals do matter when it comes to SEO. Google does keep tabs on such issues as whether you have social sharing capabilities on your site, how often visitors come to your site from social media, how often you are sharing on these channels, and more. This doesn’t mean you need to schedule times throughout your day to add your post to Twitter or Facebook.  Plan and schedule your posts ahead of time to maximize efficiency.

These are just a few tips to help you stay on top of some of the tasks to help boost the SEO health of your website.  Like a high performance sports car, your website needs premium fuel and periodic tune ups to keep its SEO running smoothly.

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