Social Media Time Saving tricks in Time for Daylight Savings Time

Social media is a quick way to share your content that engages customers, competitors and people interested in your business. However, it’s not always that quick or easy. It sounds simple, but when you’re challenged with driving a social strategy for a company, you realize how time-consuming the entire process is.

Without, further adieu, here are 4 tips for making social for business more efficient:

1.       Plan – Plan your content ahead of time

2.       Review – Review your content to make sure it's relevant

3.       Schedule – Schedule posts all at once to save time

4.       Engage – Put aside time for customer engagement so you aren’t distracted all day.


Planning out your content is tough but having a content strategy that includes setting aside the time to create and review your content is the best way to streamline creating it. If you perform this social media planning, you can focus more intently on content creation. Adequately planning how to promote content based on platform (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) will only help and save time for optimizing the content itself -- reducing the risk of posting live promotions with a typos or spelling errors.


Set up a system in which you can go back and review your content. Heck, ask a coworker to review the posts you’ve created. This is great for making sure you’re happy with what you’re posting. It also prevents major time drains if you accidentally post something with an error (e.g. typographical or worse a link to something that references your competitor's product…yikes!).

Once you review your posts, you can schedule it for the times which will get your content the most visibility.


Scheduling your posts in advance is great for saving time because you’re focused on one simple, but very important task. Looking at a calendar from a macro perspective allows you to decipher the most opportune times to schedule social posts.  

As you become more adept at scheduling social publication, you'll be able to focus on granular details - rather than simply trying to execute your plan. For instance, eventually you can determine when your content gets the most engagement.

Using this approach also reduces errors because you’re performing the same task, so you develop a better rhythm. (Hint: another tip, be sure you carefully check the time of day, it’s very easy in some venues to inadvertently post at 4 am instead of 4 pm. That’s a tweet that will never be seen!)


Managing your engagement schedule is the best way to cut time back on social media. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all day, you are going to get distracted from your other work and will end up spending more time than necessary on your social strategy. Whereas, truth be told, you only need to go on to your social accounts once or twice a day to engage with other users on each social media site.

Using these tips drastically reduces the amount of time social media content marketing takes. You can simplify even further by using one dashboard (like iAPPS Social) where you can execute each of these processes and keep an ear on your industry at the same time.  

A social media management dashboard is a great way to further streamline all these aspects into one fluid process. You can research content ideas, plan out your content, set up reviews right in the system, and schedule posts. This allows you to then focus on engagement as more and more customers interact with your killer content.

So that’s how we do it…what are your tricks for cutting the amount of time social media content marketing takes you?

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