Resolutions for your 2014 Email Marketing Strategy

New Year’s Resolutions are a popular occurrence this time of year, with people making promises to do acts of self-improvement or setting goals they want to reach for the upcoming year. It is a time to reflect upon one’s actions during the previous year and decide what they can do in order to not repeat any mistakes or regrets. This practice is adopted not only by individuals, but by companies as well. As a Digital Specialist at Bridgeline Digital, my focus is to examine our Email Marketing efforts and based on what we learned from 2013, to resolve in 2014 to reach our customers in a higher targeted method and engage with them the way that is most convenient.    

Email Marketing is a constantly adapting medium, being used as a communication tool for B2B and B2C channels. Whether you are a small Mom & Pop store, or a large International chain chances are you have utilized Email Marketing in some form. What we learned in 2013 is that how customers are receiving those emails is changing. One such way is how their inboxes are being structured. In my previous article, I spoke about Google’s Gmail client is now categorizing email types, and giving the user control how they want to be notified when a specific email type is received. Email is also seeing an increased transition from a traditional desktop view to mobile & tablet devices. We have noticed a trending increase in Mobile views, and customers taking action on emails they view through their smartphone devices. In fact, during the 2013 holiday season an overwhelming 65% of all multichannel retail email was opened on some form of mobile device. 

This is why in 2014, we are resolving to meet these customers and design emails that fit their viewing habits. One resolution is to get ahead of the technology curve, and recognize that wearable technology is a trend affecting how and when people view email. The Samsung Gear was recently debuted, a wearable smart watch users pair to get seamless communication from their phones. The watch displays emails from the stock Samsung email app, but will only notify you that you’ve received emails from other email clients. This new technology paired with increasing mobile device email opens means we need to create emails that those users can easily ready and act on.

With increased mobile usage also has us resolving to recognize the importance of location based email marketing. Through check-ins on these users’ mobile devices, using programs like Foursquare, there has been an increase in popularity of people opting in for a brands location-based service program. Using check-ins as triggers, we can send customers coupons or offers when they check in to a nearby store.

The iAPPS platform is a powerful, connected suite of products that can help make these resolutions into reality. Stay tuned to the Bline Blog and Resource Center to learn how we are improving throughout 2014 and tackling all our goals.  Thanks, and good luck with any resolutions you have for yourself.   

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