Android App for Managing Google Places Listings

Managing your Google Places business listings on the go? As Apple famously quips, "Yeah, there’s an app for that." Google has just recently released an application for your Android device that allows you to manage your Google Places for Business listing.

Need to post or update photos to your SMB? How about updating store hours, address, contact information or description? You, my dear friend, are now able to do that from the convenience of your Android Device. The app is free from the Google Play Store.  All updated information will push any updates to show up on Google+ Local, Google Maps and Google’s Mobile search. This application also offers basic analytics data, such as“impressions.”

The downside to this app is that it's limited to United States listings only. Also, the app is not available for IOS, though, upon further research it looks like it will be in the future. You will not be available to create or add listings to your account. You may only manage listings that already exist. Would you like to respond to a customer review? Unfortunately, that feature is also not available at this time.

But, despite the lack of a functionality, this app has one major pro: convenience. All of that being said, I feel that Google’s new Places app will get more functionality as it matures and the developments will exceed its current limitations.

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