5 Day Cyber Monday Warning: The Importance of Editorial Calendars in Content Marketing

Welcome to the 20-Day Cyber Monday Warning! We started a Web Series, where we'll break down important digital marketing news and strategies for you, dear reader, to use in order to prepare for the biggest day in e-Commerce! For previous entries, please click here! Check back every weekday, as we count down to Monday, December 2nd. Comments, gripes, concerns? Check out us out on Twitter!

Day 5: "You Are The Support You Keep"

I recently read the book Content Rules co-authored by Ann Handley of Marketing Profs
and C.C. Chapman the CMO of YSN Global. The book details how to create engaging content across platforms to drive your marketing success. 

While there are many great aspects to the book, one of the most important lessons is that marketers must put together a schedule for the production and publishing of their content. Of course, plans vary from industry to industry. 

A restaurant may post engaging images tied to promotions throughout the day, publish blogs once a week, and coordinate monthly contests, but that same strategy may not work for a bank that has seasonal content because their users may not want to engage as frequently. 

Your readers may check Facebook once a day but not look at your Google+ more than once a month, so it’s up to you to determine how frequently you should be publishing your content as well as how often you should be creating it.

Here at Bridgeline we create engagement playbooks for our clients in order to monitor how frequently we publish content and monitor and measure that content's effectiveness. 

The reason I bring all of this up is because putting together a content schedule becomes even more important at this time of the year. With the days getting shorter having the holiday season kickoff with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday literally this week you may feel overwhelmed. 

Now is the perfect time to compose a schedule. As your life gets hectic with holiday parties and vacation on top of work and your regular commitments you’re likely to forget something in the mix. A detailed content schedule will allow you to manage your marketing efforts in an orderly fashion. 

Staying on top of your content is essential to the world of digital and as they say in Game of Thrones “winter is coming!” 

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