18 Day Cyber Monday Warning: The Impact of Mobile Devices On The Virtual Holiday

Welcome to the 20-Day Cyber Monday Warning! We started a Web Series, where we'll break down important digital marketing news and strategies for you, dear reader, to use in order to prepare for the biggest day in e-Commerce! For previous entries, please click here! Check back every weekday, as we count down to Monday, December 2nd. Comments, gripes, concerns? Check out us out on Twitter! 

Day 18: "Mobile Devices & Cyber Monday"

Looking at IBM's Cyber Monday Report from 2012, it's easy to ascertain that in order to be ready for Cyber Monday, a business must be equipped to handle mobile devices. Nearly a fifth of consumers shopped using a mobile device on Cyber Monday last year, and nearly 13% of sales were accounted for by a mobile device. 

For perspective, let's look at the following chart from IBM, which details year-over-year growth of mobile traffic and sales:

Cyber Monday 2011-12 Mobile Traffic/Sales Growth

Mind you, this was last year. Mobile's impact only looks to exponentially grow in 2013 -- especially considering that in the first quarter of the year, conversion rates were higher on tablets than traditional desktops for the first time ever. 

Conversion rates on tablets exceeded traditional desktop computers for the first time in Q1 2013

Preparing for Mobile Shoppers

We've long preached that companies should consider Responsive Design to combat the Mobile Revolution. Responsive Design is a coding methodology that detects the screen size of the device accessing a website and automatically triggers content to adjust accordingly. This way, whether a customer is visiting your website through an iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop, or traditional desktop, your website will deliver the right experience to the right device. 

For more on Responsive Design, check out our free eBook! 

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