13 Day Cyber Monday Warning: More Customers Will Shop Online During Black Friday [INFOGRAPHIC Included]

Welcome to the 20-Day Cyber Monday Warning! We started a Web Series, where we'll break down important digital marketing news and strategies for you, dear reader, to use in order to prepare for the biggest day in e-Commerce! For previous entries, please click here! Check back every weekday, as we count down to Monday, December 2nd. Comments, gripes, concerns? Check out us out on Twitter!  

Day 13: "Change Is Good For The Soul"

We used to believe Cyber Monday would usurp Black Friday in its importance, but something greater seems to be happening: surveys suggest that the lunacy of Black Friday is getting to be a bit much for Johnny Christmas-Shopper to handle. Consequently, Black Friday, like Cyber Monday, will live on the Internet. Like soon. And by soon, we mean this year.

According to a study from Accenture, 53% of consumers will shop online during Black Friday, and 30% of consumers will do MOST of their Black Friday shopping online.

An anomaly? A faulty study?

Nope. A different survey from the National Retail Federation found that nearly half of consumers expect to go online to research purchases on Black Friday.

Why is this? In Accenture's report, 28% of consumers said they plan to shop online to avoid crowds. Hmm, this seems awfully familiar. Oh that's right, in the introduction of this entire web series about Cyber Monday we wrote the following:

Everything that is crazy about Black Friday – the waiting lines, the arrival time, the opportunity cost (seriously, wouldn’t you rather be sleeping off your food coma from Thanksgiving?!) – is circumvented by the Internet and, more specifically, Cyber Monday.

There are no lines on the Internet; you can multi-task and shop on-the-go with your phone. From a consumer’s perspective, Cyber Monday is just prudent. And from a business perspective, Black Friday is the newspaper business; Cyber Monday is the blogosphere. Which model is thriving? Which is out-dated and playing catch-up? 

Sometimes paradigm shifts are difficult to predict; other times it's obvious. Black Friday is more well-known than Cyber Monday, but Cyber Monday's logical premise -- based on convenience -- wins out. And judging from the customer sentiment toward its manic atmosphere expressed in the following Infographic, we'd say this paradigm shift was the latter.

Cyber Monday Infographic - Social 

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