One Size Doesn't Fit All: 10 Questions To Ask Yourself While Choosing a Content Management System

Ever been in a clothing store where they advertise a garment as “one size fits all?” As you and I both know, that isn’t possible. So is the case when it comes to content management systems; most often your company will not fall into the same CMS ‘size’ as the next. In other words, just as you would not go into a clothing store and buy the first pair of jeans you see without first trying them on and making sure they fit well, similarly you should not invest in a CMS without first ensuring that it fits your marketing needs.

When looking at the sizing guide for that next pair of jeans, there are multiple measurements and fits that determine your size. Similar can be said when choosing a CMS; there are different measurements that you should take before financing that new CMS. To determine if a particular CMS is right for your company, consider these different factors and ask yourself if you see a fit.

Here are 10 questions -- broken out by category (or "fit") -- to consider while evaluating CMS solutions for your company's next generation website.

Technical Fit 

1.) Will the CMS fit inside your existing web infrastructure? 

2.) Will your internal team be able to work with the system? 

3.) Is the CMS able to scale to meet the ongoing needs of your company -- not just today, but in the future as well?

Cultural Fit 

4.) Ask yourself: How adaptable is your staff? Will your organization be able to adjust to the new CMS seamlessly, or is it too complex for the needs of the company? 

Process Fit 

5.) Can the CMS handle your company’s needs effectively? 

6.) Will your core processes be able to be performed?

Feature Fit

7.) Do the features and applications you need to achieve success within your organization align with the capabilities of the CMS?

Marketing Fit 

8.) Will your marketing team be able to handle analytics and email marketing easily, or will external applications be required?

Vendor Fit 

9.) Do your company’s future goals match-up with the goals of your vendor?

10.) What support do they provide throughout the purchasing process and afterwards?

While the ‘fit guide’ of questions above is mainly an overview, it is a decent platform off which to engage in critical discussion prior to jumping into any vendor meeting. After all, would you want to buy a CMS that doesn’t fit your needs? Obviously, not. And unlike jeans, the return policy with a CMS isn't very forgiving. Store credit, unfortunately, won't get you anywhere.

Need help finding that perfect fitting CMS? Bridgeline can alter and adjust to fit your needs. Visit us today!

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