Modern Email Marketing: Be Better Than The "Blast"

In the last half decade digital marketing and analytics solutions have given birth to voluminous amounts of “big data." This is no secret, of course -- a common expression in our circles is that Digital Marketers need to use a scalpel, not a shotgun.  Yet despite this, email marketing can’t seem to shake the ugly term of “blast” and its unseemly connotation. 

That begs the question, what is an email blast? For most, it’s an email that’s sent, by and large, to your email list. A big, generic, marketing message. Some may argue about personalizing the email, but adding a first name to the opening is like going to the gym once a month ... It's minimal, not effective, and hardly personalization. 

Be better than the blast: To get the best of both worlds, Digital Marketers should use email marketing powered by analytics. Intertwining the solutions gives the opportunity to be very specific about the message, targeting smaller lists, but driving higher metrics of success.  

It’s time to step away from the blast and be smarter about your email marketing. Here are three opportunities that are often overlooked:

Transactional Emails

They are most commonly seen in eCommerce sites, but can apply to any site where some sort of transaction has taken place (e.g. membership sign-up, RSVP, etc.). As the new emails are sent to update the user on a change in the order/request, a marketer should use the chance to drive another purchase/engagement. This may include suggestions for other products, upselling, warranties, etc. Don’t just use the email for the standard “Your Order Has Shipped” messaging. Every interaction has potential.

Response Emails

Sometimes called “drip campaigns” or “lead nurturing”, these messages are part of a series of emails delivered in response to some action a lead has taken. I’ve typically seen this in more B2B situations, where a lead submits a form. Because you (and your email marketing system) know what signals that form submission, you’re able to send very specific messaging. I often talk about a case study where the use of response emailing increased the ROI of Google AdWords by 11%.

Segmented Emails

As mentioned above, the email “blast” is no longer a good tool. Instead, marketers need to use all the data, like key visitor demographics, that enters into their systems to drive very specific emails. Modern customers are becoming much more savvy and likely to conduct research before making a purchase or becoming a workable lead. Throughout this process, marketers need to track what each individual views and clicks on their sites. With all this info, it should be easy to build audience segments and drive content to them based upon their stage in the buying cycle.

These are just a few quick examples of ways that email marketing managers can stop simply blasting emails with the hopes of opens and better click-through rates. Be better. Deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right people.

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